Our Journey

Welcome to the world of Nu Jmu, where our passion is to craft a vibrant range of functional drinks infused with the power of nature. Each bottle is a unique blend of locally-sourced ingredients, offering a delightful alternative to traditional sports and lifestyle beverages.

Our saga began when Ragini, a trained chef and avid explorer, ventured to Bali to visit her loved ones. During her stay, she discovered the potent benefits of Turmeric Jamu, an age-old herbal concoction revered for its medicinal properties. Inspired by its potential, she sought to harness the power of this ancient remedy to alleviate her partner's psoriasis and joint discomfort.

Returning home, Ragini channelled her culinary skills and newfound knowledge into crafting her very own turmeric, ginger, and pepper tonic - an infusion that would become the heart of our Turmeric Tonics.

Our Small Farm

Our small yet vibrant two-acre farm on the Sunshine Coast became the nurturing ground for our organic turmeric. It flourished under our attentive care and is now the star ingredient in our Turmeric Tonic, infusing every bottle with its robust goodness.

Our Founders

As devoted practitioners of meditation, Khoji and Ragini understand the value of inner wellness. Their passion for holistic well-being extends beyond personal practice, inspiring them to provide quality, organic drinks that complement your bustling lifestyle. At Nu Jmu, we're about nurturing your wellness journey from the inside out.

Our Evolution

Infused with the spirit of Bali and refined on the Sunshine Coast, Nu Jmu is a fresh take on the Indonesian Jamu. The brand you've grown to love was previously known as "Smooth Jamu". Even as our name evolved, our core values and the original smoothness of our Jamu remained intact, forming the unique essence of Nu Jmu.