Turmeric + Ginger pepper shot

Organic Health Tonic

Sports & muscle soreness recovery

Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant

Recover quicker

Our turmeric tonic is a delicious tasting plant-based functional health drink designed for sports and muscle recovery, joint pain, or as daily immune support.

Recover. Our process of heat extraction of the ingredients activates the curcumin and pepper together and creates a powerful combination for the absorption of the curcumin. This new compound reduces the amount of time the lactic acid is built up in the cells. Drink after intense exercise as a shot or mix with water, coconut water, or soda.
Revive aches and joint pain with our tonic. Studies on turmeric and curcumin indicate that continued doses reduce inflammation caused by sports and training, joint pains, and arthritic symptoms. Drink daily to reduce inflammation.
Renew cells from the antioxidant properties of curcumin. Studies suggest that regular consumption of turmeric helps the immune system by the scavenging of free radicals caused by everyday living.

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