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Healthy Hydration

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Take Your Wellness + Fitness Regimen To The Next Level with Nu Jmu

Support Your Busy Lifestyle

Sip your way to better health and well-being.

Designed to provide a convenient and healthy way to support your busy lifestyle. We have a range of flavours that are all ethically sourced and crafted to provide you with the essential nutrients and energy you need throughout the day.


Reduce inflammation

Enjoy the freedom to play without pain.

Our organic tonics may provide natural relief from arthritis pain or tired work muscles. Studies have shown a marked reduction in inflammation when using turmeric and ginger pepper shots. Our shots can be taken daily as part of a wellness routine to boost your health, or as needed to ease inflammation in the body.


Antioxidant Boost

Feel better faster after a big night.

If you've had a big night, our health tonic shots can help bring you back to life. Taking our shot with coconut water provides the body with an antioxidant boost to scavenge the free radicals caused by alcohol. This can help reduce the symptoms of hangovers and get you back into life quicker!


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